What We Offer

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Cross Chain

This powerful DEX is able to trade/swap through cross chain method.

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Stack Pad

Startup tokens can list on our DeFi & CeFi platforms through farming and staking.

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Multi Layer

Protocols that are built “on top” of BSC Smartchain network.

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Elite Projects

We filter the most reputable startups in the community.


Our Roadmap

OEX CeFi Initialized


A comprehensive Centralized Finance platform that can trade from Crypto to Fiat and vise versa with Peer-2-Peer trading capability.
👉 Ortus.Exchange

Online Entertainment for Utilization


Online casino with more than 500+ games to choose from for token utilization.

1Community Social Media


Platform that community can connect with each other. Build connections, build relationships.

Yield Farming


OEX Finance provides you with various yield farming pools. We incentivize many liquidity pairs by offering our LPs the option to stake their MFTLP (MyFutureToken Liquidity Provider) tokens in our farms.
👉 OEX.Finance



OEX Finance has the ability to launch new pools as it is an automated market maker that can utilize smart routing and can give its clients the best swapping rates, slippage and price impact that is available.
👉 Dex.OEX.Finance

Multichain Launchpad


We believe all project investors are as important as each other. Investment funds and communities should work alongside on projects, on the same terms, towards the same goals.
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